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Hello Westgate Family.


Over the last several days, our leadership team has been in prayer, research, and conversation about what's best for Westgate and our extended families. These are uncharted waters for most of us.


In order to honor the efforts of our community to slow the spread of this virus, we are going to suspend our Sunday morning services for at least the next two weeks. We will continue to update you via email, text, and Facebook as the situation progresses.


With that said, we want to remind you that the church is not the building on Nine Mile Road; It is not a gathering on Sunday mornings; YOU are the church. 


Soon, we will be rolling out new ways to stay connected to Jesus and to each other in this new context.

  • Praise Together

  • Pray Together

  • Learn Together

  • Commune Together

  • Give Together

  • Cry and Celebrate Together


Tomorrow morning, Adam's sermon will be online for you to view. Links to that and other services will be available soon.


These will be trying times, but the church has flourished under difficulty in the past, and we believe that will be true this time also.


Alongside you,

- Kevin, Keith, Dennis, Adam, & Tim

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